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Earth Materials by Kevin Hefferan & John O ’ Brien


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this is fundamental books that covers all basic chapters of earth science. about crystallography, Mineralogy. petrology, rock formation etc.

earth materials contains about 650 pages of content in color pages and pictures are in black & white. just download it and enjoy reading.

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  • Earth materials and the geosphere
  • Atoms, elements, bonds and coordination polyhedra
  • Atomic substitution, phase diagrams and isotopes
  • Crystallography
  • Mineral properties and rock-forming minerals
  • Optical identifi cation of minerals


  • Classification of igneous rocks
  • Magma and intrusive structures
  • Volcanic features and landforms
  • Igneous rock associations
  • The sedimentary cycle: erosion, transportation, deposition and sedimentary structures
  •  Weathering, sediment production and soils
  •  Detrital sediments and sedimentary rocks
  • Biochemical sedimentary rocks
  • Metamorphism
  • Metamorphism: stress, deformation and structures
  • Texture and classifi cation of metamorphic rocks
  • Metamorphic zones, facies and facies series
  • Mineral resources and hazards

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