The Techniques of Modern Structural Geology (Vol 3) by Ramsay


Download The Techniques of Modern Structural Geology: Applications of Continuum Mechanics in Structural Geology:(Vol 3) by Ramsay and Huber in PDF from our web site geoshare.

Volume 3 of the Techniques of Modern  Structural Geology is the final one, complementing the previous volumes by accentuating the concept of continuum mechanics as applied to the study deformed rocks and tectonics. The methods of continuum mechanics provide a powerful tool kit for the solution of problems involving stress and strain .

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  • Heterogeneous Stress
  • Modelling Elastic Deformations
  • Finite element analysis
  • Fault Slip Analysis and stress tensor Calculations
  • Linear viscosity and Stream functions.
  • Folding of Layers: Introduction to analytical Solutions.
  • Numerical Modelling of ductile flow.
  • Heterogeneous finite strain in two dimensions

        →Shear zones and Band     Structures

     →Superposed Strain fields

     →in three dimensions

Volume - 1
Volume - 2
Volume - 3

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