5 Fundamental Geology Books

Fundamental geology book

1. A Textbook of Geology by GB Mahatra

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2. Principles Of Engineering Geology By- K.M. Bangar 

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3. A Textbook of Geology, compiled by P. K. Mukerjee

A Textbook of Geology covers all the essential topics of geology in great detail, making it an ideal resource for students pursuing various courses. The book starts with an introduction to the subject and then goes on to cover topics such as the origin and structure of the earth, minerals and rocks, and geological time scales. It also discusses advanced topics such as plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, and geological hazards.

4. Engieneering and General geology by Parbin Singh

Engieneering Geology chapters are given priority but almost all subjects are there

5.Textbook of Physical Geology G.B. Mahapatra 


A Textbook of Geology by GB mahatra

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