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Hello welcome to geoshare

All Geologist (geo-student/ LECTURE/geologist/ any field of Geology) Join this group to GET & SHARE all information about Geology exams & Jobs, Geology materials, images, videos etc. Only related to geology.

So let’s help each other. Senior to Junior, Lecturer to Student, Geologist to Future Geologist. & May be vice-versa.

To join the geoshare Group Click button given Below this post :-

(These groups are not for them, whose mobile no. country code +92  )

  1.  Geoshare 1 (not working)
  2. Geoshare 2 (working)
  3. Geoshare 3 (not working)
  4. Geoshare 4 (not working)

  • A request to all member please don’t share any thing not about geology/geologist. You have other groups for that.
  • Don’t join more than one group. Give chance to other also.

Rules should be follow for discipline.

you can directly Join all the group by Joining Geoshare Community. Just Click the button below

You will be removed, if

  • You will post not related to geology.
  • If you found more than one group of geoshare.

Comment here or write us through facebook  if you face any problem.

Thank you very much.


Team geoshare.

Geology WhatsApp Group

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