A text book of Geology by GB Mahapatra

text book of geology by gb mahapatra

A text Book of GEOLOGY by G B Mahapatra


Download or Buy “A text Book of Geology” by GB Mahapatra in PDF from our web site geoshare. Which is written by a former geologist of GSI Girija Buhusan Mahapatra.

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A Text-Book of Geology has been to introduce the topic so that a student won’t just think that its valuable from the examination perspective however will likewise have the option to catch completely the fundamentals of Geology.

It is covering the standard prospectuses of college courses of Indian Universities. Other than sincere endeavors have additionally been made to conceal the entire Geology syllabus of IAS and Allied Services Exam.

Enough to know the basics of geology for a new geology student. A great book covering all topics except Remote Sensing, Hydrology & Geochemistry.


(1)Physical Geology


(3) Structural and Field Geology



(6)Economic Geology

(7) Origin, Mode of Occurrence and Distribution (In India) and Economic Uses

(8) Stratigraphy

(9) Paleontology

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, “A Text-Book of Geology” is an excellent resource for beginners. It covers the basics of geology and provides a solid foundation for further exploration of the subject.

Absolutely! The book includes the entire geology syllabus required for the IAS and Allied Services Exam. It will be a valuable resource for your exam preparation.

No, “A Text-Book of Geology” does not extensively cover topics such as Remote Sensing, Hydrology, and Geochemistry. However, it provides comprehensive coverage of other important areas of geology.

Absolutely! This book covers the standard curriculum of geology courses offered by Indian universities. It will serve as a valuable reference throughout your geology studies.

Thank You ! Keep reading.

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